Unifier Fast Track

Designing and deploying Primavera Unifier solutions since 2010, we have identified three keys to successful project controls solution deployment.

1. Deploy a solution, not a technology.  As a result of vendor messaging, we often focus on point products rather than project controls solutions.  Point products are designed to address a single aspect or problem, but may not play nicely with our other project technologies or practices.  Best practice: Ensure your chosen technology supports your streamlined practice, and fits nicely with your current and planned technology stack.

2. Broaden your ROI definition.  Many companies justify technology purchases by anticipated savings to project costs and budgets.  These are great and achievable metrics, particularly as forecasting improves. However, our most successful clients also identify revenue gains from faster project delivery.  One capital project client saved an average of two weeks per project, bringing assets online sooner and realizing revenue earlier.  Often these revenue gains – and associated downtime reductions – dramatically improve the ROI for our project controls solutions.

3. Automate optimisation, not flaws.  Technology-focused deployments often replicate current practice flaws.  Once a client asked if our technology would standardise their WBS and CBS – which were inconsistent and nonstandard in their practice.  Successful technology deployments support and enable optimized practice.

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Unifier Fast Track