Good business notes

Taking notes is vital to remembering and keeping track of developments. With multi- layered complex project management the task can sometimes seem overwhelming. Good notes not only keep the project on track they can be vital for contractual compliance when a project is looked back upon later. This is where Oracles Primavera Unifier comes into its own.

Oracles Unifier Document Manager Overview maintains all the files and documents for a project and the notes you add to it. Each project/shell includes its own Document Manager, as well as another Document Manager residing at the company level.

The manager ensures that employees and project/shell members are always using the most current versions of documents. Files in the Document Manager are stored on the Unifier file server. In Unifier, they can be organised into a “folder” structure to categorise them and make them easily available, much like a filing cabinet.

The Document Manager can be integrated with all other business processes so users of Unifier can initiate a business process directly from the Document Manager and automatically attach notes,  files and folders into it. In addition, you can design a business process to automatically publish its records, along with their comments and attachments, to the Document Manager.

If Unifier is used to its full potential it can produce a detailed audit trail of the record information through the entire business process. You can store documents directly in a node, or organise them into folders under a node. Users can upload, download, revise, or mark up all project documents from this node with check-in/check-out, document lock, and revision history features for version control. It’s hard to imagine how Project Managers manage without it.