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As part of an OPPM implementation for this Oil and Gas company, we were faced with the challenge of implementing a tool to support new organisational processes around demand management of exploration initiatives. We set about running a series of workshops to gather requirements as to what staff, contractors and management thought was best practice, and what it was the new “tool” had to deliver.


This exercise showed that, as always there are many ways of working within the organisation, and that most had some merit. During the project formation stage, we were engaged to provide a series of educational seminars to provide the staff and management with a high-level understanding of the reasons for embarking on a portfolio management initiative, showing the benefits on best practice.

In project design stage, we conducted a series of half-day training sessions where HPS exhibited the OPPM tool to gain buy-in. We also drafted the new “ways of working” attributing some of the new ways to groups within the current organisation. This greatly assisted with buy-in. We showed how the “knowledge functionality”, and category helping to provide the detail required by the business to support this change to ways of working.

During implementation, we adopted a hierarchical Train the Trainer approach for the majority of users. We jointly trained the trainers, who subsequently trained the super-users. For specific user groups, we provided one-to-one training


By deploying this structured approach to Business Change, we had:

A better-informed customer, that felt they had participated and contributed to the change to work practices;

The new processes were communicated as part of the Change Management work stream across the company, further to workshops by key organisational groups for buy-in

Again, a series of “in tool” support mechanisms that prompted users who were unsure of data entry requirements or data element definitions around these new practices;

Role-based new process and ways of working application training; and

Joint technical and external service management training was critical in securing a supportive and coaching ongoing service and support function.

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