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International Gas Exploration Company


A UK based gas exploration and production organisation had an existing Well Engineering System to aid in the management and analysis of exploration data and timetables. This Access database was becoming extremely unreliable and at the limits of the technology.


They selected COTS packages OPPM and P6 as a replacement. Once the initial data was extracted from the existing system we set about running a series of routines to ensure that the unstructured data exported could be transformed into structured data to ensure a solid base for better analysis. The team assisted this client in manipulating un-structured and structured data before producing a series of data load files.

Once data integrity was confirmed, we loaded the “drop down value lists” using PVLL and then loaded each of the “Well” data files using PDEX.


It was important for this client to load historical data by period so the new system could report by historical data periods in a similar way as the previous system. PVLL and PDEX facilitate the loading of historical data using OPPM’s “as of date” functionality to ensure historical data reporting.

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