Retail – Large International Retail Organisation

Large International Retail Organisation - Data Intergrations


This large US based international retail organisation required regular uploads from two different finance systems, one daily and the other monthly to manage their portfolio of IT investments.


Our team was responsible for the initial implementation of OPPM and during one of several subsequent phases we were asked to interface to their two finance systems.

A daily scheduled task was established to collect each of the two files placed in the interface directory on the OPPM server by an extract routine provided by Finance. Once collected each file was processed in turn by PDLU, undertaking a series of data validations, before executing the transformations and the load into OPPM via the API.


This was our first multiple system interface using the PDLU, the key to which was the selection of the correct file configuration definition XML to correctly process the unique datasets provided. A previously sceptical Service Management welcomed PDLU as a single robust way of managing multiple data integrations to the OPPM tool.

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