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This organisation struggled to capture innovation demand, prioritise, select and execute. They were underperforming, both in terms of time to market and accuracy of the business case, in an extremely competitive marketplace where driving innovation into your service offerings was key.

Data was historically provided to a central office for innovation where the spreadsheets, emails, word documents and PowerPoints were disassembled and reconstructed in a standardised way so they could be compared like for like.
Missing data was gathered in a labour intensive and frustrating manner for both the provider and the receiver. Not a nice experience all round.


The OPPM forms that were designed by the innovation team sought to capture all the data required at each of the stages in the evaluation and selection process.

Tabs where used to sort and group like data making it easier to identify missing data elements. Categories automatically calculated financial ratios; limited space in description and comments fields reduced waffle and kept propositions sharp and concise.


Data capture was standardised, providing a level playing field for all candidate ideas and their subsequent evaluation, giving rise to a higher level of innovative ideas being submitted. The management of the process, especially executive time, was significantly reduced.

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