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Large UK Rail Operator - Demand Management


There was a requirement to manually capture business case data on IT projects from across a large department. Historically this client suffered from poor data quality and lacked a single repository for all such data, to be used through the life of the project.


OPPM forms where configured to capture data in several Tabs within a single form that represented the totality of the information required by the business to construct a business case.  Historically there were large numbers of issues with interpretations on the correct financial formulae for calculations such as IRR, NPV and RONA with sponsors using their own interpretations of these formulae, which resulted in their projects getting the investment while others did not.


The system invisibly calculated a set of validation calculations to check the logic of financial and time data. These checks helped to identify candidate projects where the investment did not pass the first governance review. These were routed by the system to an investment board where the sponsor would participate or be subjected to rigours governance questioning.

Forms and Tabs enabled users to group and structure data in a way that was the same for all business case submissions, thereby removing discussion around presentation rather than content.  Standardised forms and calculations removed the occurrence of both deliberate and accidental calculation and input errors. Categorisation and classification data by drop downs, saw an improvement in data quality.

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