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UK Railway Organisation - Integrated Work Management & Access Planning

Like many large organisations, this customer was struggling to integrate cross business unit processes and tools to support joined up enterprise working. Hyde Park Solutions were brought in to assist when another organisation failed to deliver.


This enterprise wanted to enable and integrate cross organisational and regional business processes so that it could optimise both access to and use of expensive rail assets. As an added challenge, it was thought that the enterprise already owned sufficient IT applications and it was merely a case of architecting a solution around the current tool set. Hyde Park Solutions worked as part of a joint customer team and external consultants.


Organisation high level business processes were collected and documented from across the business units and regions.

These were then distilled down to a common set of maps that, while not agreed by all, formed the basis for joined up working.

Existing organisational IT applications were overlayed onto these process maps and an end to end business solution was architected.

Data integration points were then identified and the organisational options for data sharing were explored and tabled.

Finally, we produced a storyboard that was used to seek agreement from industry and subsequently was used to identify an implementation partner.


The organisation proved that it was possible to design cross enterprise processes, supported by existing technology to innovatively show that:

  • an integrated approach to optimise rail assets was possible
  • by gathering, understanding and documenting regional and business unit specific processes a single more performant
    process could be designed, and possibly implemented
  • existing IT investment can be used to solve other business issues that those they had originally been purchased for
  • innovative thought can be harnessed by setting organisational challenges that many within the organisation considered impossible.

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