Project Management

We are all well-equipped in today’s world to execute a single project on time, to budget, and we may even have started to set benefit expectations in business cases.  However, if we are to optimise enterprise benefit and shareholder value, the focus should be on the alignment of the portfolio of investments and managing the relationships between multiple projects.  So why have so many organisations struggled with this move?

What Comes First, the Process, or, the Tool?

Our Clients see complexity not only in the inter-dependencies and inter-relationships between project resources, schedules and sponsors, but also in the organisational processes that are required to make the move with confidence. And that is when a familiar question raises its head,

“What comes first, the Process or the Tool?”

Our view is that there is no first, because you need both to make a move with confidence.  If the Processes are the ‘What?’, then the Tool is the ‘How’, and together they support and encourage project staff to adopt the organisational change.

Data Collection

Organisations are often in quandary about which data to collect and which not, and invariably collect everything for fear of missing something essential.

Best Practice has shown us that data should be collected for one purpose only, to aid decision making.  Anything else is wasted effort, and will ultimately lead to confusion. The above table is one we share with clients.  Can you say with confidence that you are collecting only what you need for decision making?  If you are struggling or just want to discuss these challenges with someone who has faced them many times before, call or email our consulting team today.