Nodes and Links

What is Nodes and Links?

Nodes & Links is a trusted project intelligence tool designed to simplify analysis and provide a one-stop solution for all your project needs.


The cloud-based platform incorporates Artificial Intelligence to forecast outcomes and accurately pinpoint project risks, all based on your updated schedules to ensure that all the data being shown is accurate and reflective of your unique project.

Some of their features include:

  • Carbon tracking
  • Schedule comparison
  • Health checks
  • Risk drivers
  • Prediction and mitigation

By consolidating all your most valuable data into one comprehensive and interactive platform, you can easily manage every aspect of your project – down to the most granular activity level. With interlinking dashboards that detail how each path, activity, WBS, and risk are interconnected, you can easily assess how to make the most informed next step.

What Nodes & Links does best is take complex project insights and simplify their analysis, so you have more time to spend on the decisions that matter most.

Nodes & Links – Where projects get done.


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