Support Covers

1. Application Service Management (ASM)

ASM includes those services that are performed to ensure the efficient support and delivery of the following services:

1. Application Maintenance Services (AMS)
2. Application Development Services (ADS)

ASM cover includes:

1. HPS Service Desk, collecting, classifying and managing AMS and ADS requests including the complete support request lifecycle management

2. Change Management, managing, planning design changes related to the development, test and production environments

3. Service Level Management:
Ensuring that AMS and ADS are provided to a high level of quality and they meet the agreed SLA and includes:

  1. Coordinating, Planning and Reporting on a monthly basis all AMS and ADS activity.
  2. Conducting a face-to-face review every 6 months, monthly in the first 3 months

2. Application Maintenance Services

AM services include all activities required to maintain and support existing application functionalities and related SLA performance and includes:

1. Incident/Problem management of the application and the environments covered
2. Super User support and advice to enables self service and general knowledge transfer to the most capable users

3. Application Development Services

AD services includes:

1. Minor changes of less than 4 hours
2. Minor Enhancements moderate effort less than 80 hours