Unifier Fast Track

Unifier Fast Track is a quick and easy way to implement an enterprise solution to manage cost, contracts and collaboration for those organisations where Project Controls are vital. Fast Track is great for those organisations that seek to quickly implement a solution, be it called a Proof Of Concept or a small Phase One. Fast Track is scalable for any subsequent roll out, and from a cost perspective is extremely attractive. Fast Track can be deployed in 6 weeks or less.

Our Primavera Unifier FastTrack is a cost, contracts, and collaboration solution. On deployment, the solution will manage the following functional areas:

  • Project Creation and Infrastructure
  • Budget Approval and Change
  • Bid Support and Contract Management (post award)
  • Contract Change Management
  • Payment, Progressing, and Forecasting
  • Contract and Project Close Process
  • Core Collaboration Activities (e.g., Submittals and Transmittals)

The Fast Track offers a fully functional deployment configuration, including object libraries. In addition the Unifier Fast Track comes with 8 advanced project controls reports and dashboards and 55 user defined reports. We offer an integration accelerator, in either an integration library for bespoke integrations or access to an online integration broker service.