Unifier Fast Track

Unifier Fast Track is a quick and easy way to implement an enterprise solution to manage cost, contracts and collaboration for those organisations where Project Controls are vital. Fast Track is great for those organisations that seek to quickly implement a solution, be it called a Proof Of Concept or a small Phase One. Fast Track is scalable for any subsequent roll out, and from a cost perspective is extremely attractive. Fast Track can be deployed in 6 weeks or less.

Our Primavera Unifier FastTrack is a cost, contracts, and collaboration solution. On deployment, the solution will manage the following functional areas:

  • Project Creation and Infrastructure
  • Budget Approval and Change
  • Bid Support and Contract Management (post award)
  • Contract Change Management
  • Payment, Progressing, and Forecasting
  • Contract and Project Close Process
  • Core Collaboration Activities (e.g., Submittals and Transmittals)

The Fast Track offers a fully functional deployment configuration, including object libraries. In addition the Unifier Fast Track comes with 8 advanced project controls reports and dashboards and 55 user defined reports. We offer an integration accelerator, in either an integration library for bespoke integrations or access to an online integration broker service.


Comprehensive Unifier Library – Fully functional on deployment and extensible in the future – Enhances out-of-box


Prefabricated best practice diagrams and specifications to accelerate analysis and design



We tailor and configure the solution to meet the client’s requirements



Onsite or remote Training and Collateral


What is Included?

• Fully Functional Base Solution
• Built to Extend and Scale
• 100% Compatible with 17.x/18.x Cloud Bundles

Business Processes

• 56 Business Processes
• Enhanced:
– Procurement Support
– Contract Change Management
– Asset Information
– Project and Contract Close

Reports & Dashboards

• 8 Custom BI Publisher Reports
• 55 User Defined Reports
• 2 Custom Dashboards

Optional Upgrades and Utilities ($)

• Bulk User Update
• Unifier I/O – Excel-to-Unifier
• WBS Editor and Importer
• Capital Planning & Allocation

What Can it Do – FastTrack Project Lifecycle

Cost Management

Contract & Change Management

Collaboration &

Communication Management

– Reporting & Monitoring


Who Needs FastTrack?


Small Budget, Basic Solution

• Entry cost and communication solution
• Open to adopting our best practice
• Competitors: eBuilder and PMWeb
• FT Advantage: custom solution

Impending Project – May Extend

• Must address near-term project now
• May have project controls vision
• Likely plan to expand functionality
• FT Advantage: fully functional today – designed to grow


POC or Prototype – Will Extend

• Large scale project controls initiative
• Reluctant to select Unifier until tested
• May want hands-on
• FT Advantage: very easy to deliver POC* or Prototype

FastTrack Benefits


Accelerated Deployment

• Fully functional project controls base solution
• Incorporates industry best practices
• Extensive object library enhances standard Unifier bundles

Supports Cloud or On-Premise

• 100% Compatible with Unifier 17.x (Cloud) or 16.x (On-Premise)


Extensible and Scalable

• Designed to grow – add Unifier functions, integrations, and reports
• Include optional ProNovo utilities including Capital Planning, Bulk User Update, Unifier I/O, and WBS Editor/Importer