Benefits Managements

Portfolio Management is a tried and tested process and is the only technique for delivering strategic change. In order to successfully achieve the necessary changes a project needs to be delivered with the associated development as well as being on time and to budget. All good investments start with an idea or a proposal, which best describe the current situation, the proposition and details of the expected outcome.

The aim of the proposal is not specifically to get your investment approved, so defining a solution for managing benefits is a complex issue, not only does it need to collect and store the investment data/costs and benefit/returns before the investment is made, it needs to collect and report on the benefit realisation long after the investment is completed.

Portfolio Management and Benefits Management are intrinsically linked and many organisations understand the need to have Portfolio Management solutions to store and correlate benefit data.

HPS have experience in designing and implementing Portfolio and Benefits Management processes, as well as being adept in configuring the IT solutions that support them.

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Portfolio & Benefits Management – An integrated Approach