Project Management

Project Management (PM) is about – “Doing the CHOOSEN PROJECTS RIGHT”

Portfolio Management (PfM) is all about – “Doing the RIGHT PROJECTS”

Having selected the right set of projects to deliver your strategic objectives it is important that these are delivered on time, on budget and to an acceptable level of quality. It is critically important that a plan is built and all activities are executed to that plan – financials are managed, risks are monitored, measured and mitigated and quality is checked. Managing Projects or Programmes through the gated governance process is part and parcel of the role of the Project Manager.

Building governance processes, risk models, work and cost breakdown structures is something that our consultants do every day of every week. We understand how to set your organisation up for success, including how to design project plans, configure the tools but more importantly we know how to execute projects successfully.

If you would like to find out more about HPS’s Solutions Project Management come and discuss your requirements with us, not only will we assist you in selecting the right project management software for your organisation, but more importantly we will help you set it up to enable your staff to be able to do the right projects.

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