HPS recognises that training is the glue that brings together business processes, IT systems and the organisation’s people.

Choosing your training partner is key to a successful project. Selecting a company that only employs Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) trainers is the very basic criteria.

You might also want the comfort of knowing that your education provider is competent in using the tools that we offer training on.

HPS is the only global supplier that offers the quality of training and trainers at the most competitive prices available.

HPS has implementation, configuration and support consultants across all the Oracle Primavera products, so if you cannot find the course that satisfies your requirement then – Contact us and we will design a course with you!

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Training Services Terms & Conditions

Confidentiality & Copyright

The purchaser will not, unless authorised by Hyde Park Solutions:

Disclose, provide or make available to any person other than the delegates in whole or in part any of the courseware or any copies thereof. Do any act in relation to any of the courseware, which is a restricted act under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988


The purchaser agrees to pay the following charges to Hyde Park Solutions in the event that for whatever reason, its representative fails to attend or withdraws from a training course or use a facility/service which it has booked without providing at least 30 days written notice prior to the scheduled commencement date.

0-10 working days: 100% of fee
11-20 working days: 50% of fee
20-28 days: 25% of fee

Irrespective of the notice period given, the purchaser will be entirely responsible for costs incurred by Hyde Park Solutions or any third party associated with the booking of the facility/service such as hotel, equipment or third party services.

The purchaser agrees that notice of all cancellations, irrespective of the period of notice given, should be in writing, otherwise full payment will be required.

If the course is under subscribed, the course will be re-scheduled on an alternative date. Hyde Park Solutions will provide 5 working days written notice via email to all delegates booked on to the course

Payment Terms

Payment for training is required in advance.

Hyde Park Solutions accepts cheques and bank transfers. All fees are due for payment at least 10 working days prior to the commencement of the course or service.


The purchaser agrees to notify Hyde Park Solutions in writing of any postponement which will be without charge provided a minimum of 30 days notice prior to the scheduled commencement date otherwise the following charges apply:

0-10 working days: 100% of fee
11-20 working days: 50% of fee
20-28 working days: 25% of fee

Courses postponed and subsequently cancelled will be subject to a level of cancellation fee.

On-Site Courses with HPS

The purchaser agrees that where training is provided on-site at a location provided by the purchaser, the supply of adequate power, power outlets and extension cables and other facilities such as whiteboard-flipchart, projector or screen are, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the responsibility of the purchaser.

Course Content and Attendees

Hyde Park Solutions constantly updates its courseware and therefore reserves the right to amend without notice the course contents and structures. The issuing of a course Outline is intended only as a guide and does not form part of any contract with the client.

Clients booking dedicated company courses are responsible for ensuring that all delegates are of an equal level in terms of current knowledge, abilities and capacity to learn when they have identified the course content.

Course finish times are approximate and based upon eight delegates of average ability proceeding at a normal rate of progress. Early completion of the course does not qualify the purchaser for either a proportional rebate or for delegates to train in other areas. Trainers may however consolidate the course up to 5:00pm.

If public course numbers are not sufficient to make the course viable, Hyde Park Solutions reserves the right to postpone, or convert the course to a reduced duration course at no extra cost to the client.

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