Application Rationalisation FastTrack (APP RAT)

Since 2007, Hyde Park Solutions has provided enterprises with consultancy in and around Application Portfolio Management (APM), and Application Rationalisation FastTrack (APP RAT) and optimisation.

The business benefits of APP RAT are simple. Save $1,000,000 per 100 applications. We have had customers bank these benefits so why don’t you.  If you are unsure, we will for a fixed fee plus a small percentage of the savings implement and run your APP RAT initiative.

As a result of our experience, we have assembled a set of best practice processes and an accompanying out-of-the-box configuration for Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management tool.

Hyde Park Solutions’ best practice configuration contains all the forms you will need to capture your business processes, licensing and service level information, and costs within the Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management tool. We have pre-populated most of the business processes, common technologies, enterprise architecture reference data to enable speedier implementation.

Within the cost structure of the Application Portfolio Management configuration for Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management, we have made an allowance of 20 days’ effort to configure the APM configuration to your organisation’s requirements.

We conservatively estimate that within 3 months from time of install of Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management software in your organisational environment, you will be conducting your first APM review, such is the ease of use, and realisable benefits of the toolkit.

APM and APPRAT can be deployed for 50 users for £250,000. 

HPS can run your Application Rationalisation process for a fixed fee for up to 50 users, and one year duration from £1,100,000 plus 10% of the savings identified. We would expect to identify savings in the region of £50,000,000. 


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