Portfolio Data Exchange (PDEX)

Hyde Park Solutions have been implementing Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management (OPPM) application since it was acquired from Primavera in 2006 and before the acquisition we worked with ProSight Inc and the product of the same name. Over this time we have completed many customer assignments and in nearly every case we were required to use Portfolio Data Exchange to load initial take one data which in most cases was in the form of Excel SpreadSheets.

In order to expedite this otherwise manual process our technical service team developed a utility called Portfolios data exchange (PDEX) utility for Oracle Primavera portfolio management version 7.5 and above. PDEX uses the application API’s supplied by Oracle Primavera and so the application and data integrity remain intact and supported by Oracle. PDEX allows users to upload SpreadSheet data through a simple user interface. It’s an easy task for either the systems administrator or departmental power user to execute.

Portfolio Data Exchange Utility

PDEX’s flexibility enables organisations to upload data from any spreadsheet, be it loading one-off portfolio item information or a regular import of financial data. Once PDEX is configured for a specific data file the configuration settings are saved for future use without additional configuration effort.

Customers have found PDEX to be a reliable and cost effective alternative to manual data input. Typically PDEX is used by the OPPM Systems Administrator or a Power User. The detailed Online Help ensures a quick and easy reference when needed. With a maintenance agreement, the Hyde Park Solutions support desk will answer any questions and provide full support.

If you are interested in evaluating or finding out more about PDEX for Oracle Primavera portfolio management as a secure and supported alternative to manual data loads please call us.

If you have a requirement to load data into Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management (OPPM) on a daily basis you might be interested in the Hyde Park Solutions Portfolio Data Utility PDU for Oracle Primavera portfolio management version 8 and above.

Hyde Park Solutions consultants use PDEX in each customer engagement as a cost effective solution for loading initial category data and periodic history.

The following are images of PDEX.

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