project & programme management

Project Management (PM) is about


after having used 

Portfolio Management (PfM) to 


Having selected the right things to do, we need to ensure that we execute these selected projects well, on time, to budget and to an agreed level of quality.

If you are

  • an Oracle customer then you should be using Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management or Oracle Primavera Cloud Schedule.
  • in the Engineering and Construction, Travel & Transport, Utility, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing or in a related Capital Intensive industry you should be using Oracle Primavera software because your competition does.
  • not using Hyde Park Solutions you should also ask why not, as we are the leading Oracle partner that specialises in PPM tools for your industry.

HPS have more certified & specialised primavera consultants across all Primavera products than any other Oracle partner!

Our Project Management Solutions

Having selected the right set of projects to deliver your strategic objectives it is important that these are delivered on time, on budget and to an acceptable level of quality.

It is critically important that

  • a plan is built and all activities are executed to that plan
  • all activities are resourced by role or named resources
  • cost estimates are placed on the plan if required
  • the plan is scheduled before being optimised

If the plan is part of a wider programme then it will need to be integrated and aligned to make sure that the programme is able to be delivered as planned, in much the same way as the project plan.

When the programme or project is in execution, data on progress will need to be collected. This data will likely include:

  • activity progress
  • resource consumption
  • cost to date and remaining
  • risk identification

Tracking the programme and project against gated governance checkpoints and milestones, as well as risk identification and mitigation, cost to date and to complete are performed on a periodic basis.

Hyde Park Solutions understand PPM processes, how programmes and projects are run in practice and we bring this knowledge and expertise to set your organisation up for success, including how to design project plans, configure the tools but more importantly we know how to execute projects successfully.

If you would like to find out more about HPS Project Management come and discuss your requirements with us. Not only will we assist you in selecting the right project management software for your organisation, but more importantly we will help you set it up to enable your staff to be able to do the right projects.

Having trained and capable people is key to making any process work. Project Management is no different. The most important thing to communication is to use plain English. Hopefully you have seen from this HPS website we pride ourselves in talking plain English.

HPS offer a full range of training courses, in plain English to support the development and education of your valuable resources.

Our trainers are all Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualified so are better able to impart the knowledge and develop your people’s skills inline with your training strategy for PPM.

Having difficulty working out what software you need? Let Hyde Park Solutions help you….

Size Matters – Individual, SME’s, Corporate or Enterprise

Individuals needing to plan, schedule and resource and will generally do so in Oracle’s PPM solution. Primavera P6 PPM is more than able to manage simple projects with 10’s of activities to 1000’s of activities. It manages resources, both role and named resources.

Small or Medium Sized organisations having a group of planners or project managers with up many 1000’s of activities will almost certainly want to share resources, plan templates, planning codes and calendars – so you have two options Primavera P6 PPM (professional project management), or Primavera P6 EPPM (enterprise project portfolio management). The key to note here is that both have shared databases so you can share information, and consolidate plans if required.

PPM versus EPPM – PPM tends to be favoured by professional planners, while EPPM tends to be used in larger organisations.

Corporate or Enterprise

Primavera P6 EPPM will almost certainly be better suited to your needs, web based centralised administrative functions will be carried out by your dedicated IT systems administrator.

Project templates, codes calendars etc. are all centralised and centrally managed, external plan and progress data from contractors and financial information from finance ERP systems and resource data from HR are all integrated seamlessly and managed by a small dedicated team in the Portfolio Management Office (yes I do mean portfolio not project).

If you are still wondering which Oracle Primavera solution will work best for you, contact your HPS Oracle Product Specialist today.

Having decided what product you think suits your organisation size, you now have a choice of on-premise or cloud deployment. There are a number of options and Hyde Park Solutions can help with all of them.


On-premise means that the software will need to be installed on your laptop or PC or in your organisation’s servers. It means that you IT department, or you if you don’t have an IT department will have responsibility for managing the software – that is unless you have a support contract with Hyde Park Solutions. You will be responsible for upgrading, optimising and supporting the solution day to day.


There are a number of flavours of cloud:

  • Oracle Cloud
  • Your companies Cloud
  • HPS Cloud
  • Other Cloud

Oracle Primavera Cloud offer their software on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means that you pay a monthly charge per user to Oracle for supplying, hosting, upgrading and maintaining and supporting the software just like your IT department would do if you had an on-premises solution.

Your Companies Cloud, or Other Cloud is having an outsourced hosting arrangement for other of your organisation applications. They are responsible for supplying, hosting, maintaining the software ensuring it is available. You are responsible for upgrading and supporting the software.

HPS Cloud, is a combination of the outsourced model and the Oracle SaaS model, in so far as HPS are responsible for supplying, hosting, upgrading, maintaining and supporting the environment and the software. A single point of contact for your Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM or PPM solution.

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