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So, you have spent considerable time and resource, selecting and implementing your Oracle solution. It’s now the users will be needing hand holding as they get to grips with the new tool, and possibly, like many other organisations you have changed some of your processes. While the users are coming to terms with managing the new interface, processes and application quirks, spare a thought for the IT department who are also getting to grips with the new application ensuring it runs and is available for business users. HPS understands both sides of the support equation and have designed a simple set of packages to help application end users with process issues and IT to ensure the application is stable and performant. HPS support systems and processes follow ITIL Best Practices ensuring the provision of an organised and efficient service management package to our customers.

support plans

Acorn Support


Acorn is our introductory support offering, on a “pay per call” basis.

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Oak Leaf Support

Oak Leaf

Oak Leaf is our intermediate support offering, on a “pay per month” basis.

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Oak Tree Support

Oak Tree

Oak Tree is our premier support offering, on a “pay monthly unlimited use” basis.

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