Data Services

Data is the cornerstone to any management information system. Clean data enables the users to make informed decisions because they trust the data.

Sounds simple enough but this is the one common reason we find organisations attribute to their projects being late or causing significant problems.

It should not surprise you that the HPS Data Management team have helped organisations deliver clean reference and historical transactional data on time.

Every Portfolio, Programme and Project Management or Project Controls project we deliver has a data element. At the very least you will need to load organisational reference data, but you may also be required to load historical and completed projects, contracts or investments, in-flight and future potential initiatives.

Financial, Resource and Governance data will require reconciliation to existing reports, external systems etc.

“Data – its the basis of decision making – clean data supports good decision making”

our data services

The simplest and most common data service the technical team are asked to perform is taking your organisations cleaned data (reference and transactional) and loading it into the Primavera solution you are using.

We have a number of data load utilities that load this data. Some utilities actually validate the data as we load it, as a second check thereby ensuring that your solution is usable for decision making.

HPS has a number of data cleaning methodologies and a set of utilities that we use to clean organisations data.

We deploy these as and when an organisation requires assistance with this somewhat daunting task.

Our iterative practical approach is aimed at quickly cleaning the bulk of your data using our utilities, while the final data clean requires your organisations assistance.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management and Control solutions require data from other of the organisations systems such as Document Management and ERP and HR systems.

We regularly integrate the Oracle Suite of application to SAP, Oracle EBus and Fusion, Harris, Ellipse Asset Management, numerous Document Management and business warehousing and reporting systems.

We also integrate and facilitate the data exchange between the various applications within the Primavera family of applications, some using Oracle’s Gateway product.

  1. Start Data Migration work when you start the Project
  2. Your Data Migration Strategy will include:
    1. Data Types – Reference and Transactional
    2. Data Periods for migration
    3. Data Clean and Migration Process
    4. Organisational responsibilities – business owns the data not IT
  3. Set realistic acceptance criteria – you will never get 100% clean data but decide what is acceptable
  4. Engage a supplier who has done this before
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