FastTrack for Portfolio Management

The HPS FastTrack for Portfolio Management has been developed by HPS over the last 10 years as a result of in excess of 100 portfolio management customer engagements.

Although your implementation might be different the PfM FastTrack will save considerable time in deploying a portfolio management solution. The cost of HPS’s FastTrack for Portfolio Management is USD 135,000 or just GBP 100,000. Of course you will still need the Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management software for each of your users.

HPS FastTrack for Portfolio Management covers:

Idea Collection, Business Case Development

The FastTrack includes forms and processes to capture ideas and business case information. Included is an automatic numbering or identification of all ideas and we also place these in their correct “home” portfolio on creation.

Prioritisation & Selection Model

Including a component based model that takes account of Strategic Alignment, Cost, Risk and Investment Attractiveness and Achieveability.

Investment Update and Key Performance Indicator 

The FastTrack includes forms to capture updates to financials and execution of projects.

Financial Model

The FastTrack comes complete with a relative financial model and a financial year roll over process, with three analysis lines (Capital, Opex and a Total) over a 10 year period. The first three years are in months and the remainder are annual buckets. There is also one previous and one future bucket for each investment.


We allow for three workflows to be added, either in execution of the gated process or other requirement.

Gated Governance and Approvals Process 

The HPS Fast Track for portfolio management includes a 5 step governance process with approvals workflows (included above).

Dashboards, Reports and Hierarchies

Within FastTrack we have provided enough reports and Dashboards to get you started. We will create up to 50 portfolios in addition to you 1 home portfolio.

Below are images from the HPS Portfolio Management FastTrack

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