Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management (PfM) is all about – “Doing the RIGHT PROJECTS”

Project Management (PM) is about – “Doing the CHOOSEN PROJECTS RIGHT”

PfM is a strategic approach to managing a set of investments which can deliver your organisations strategic objectives. Organisations can change in two ways: either by acquisition or by organic investment. PfM embraces and supports your key stakeholder, which is underpinned by good Corporate Governance and Business Performance metrics which measures progress, and takes into account and mitigates Business Risk to deliver departmental, divisional or enterprise strategy.

Portfolio Management is typically used to regulate Projects but its practices are applied to any Portfolio whether it be Applications, Assets, Contracts or Acquisition or Takeover options, to name but a few.

Our consulting team have been involved in enabling a variety of organisations understand the benefits of portfolio management, building roadmaps, financial solutions, risk, prioritisation and providing a selection models as well as implementing solutions to support the PfM processes. HPS understand portfolio management solutions and would be happy to share our experiences.

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Portfolio Management Process


OPPM is a fully configurable solution and as you would expect from a vendor like Oracle aimed at those organisations that are either complex in their requirements, large in the number of items in the portfolio or operate in extremely challenging environments. HPS are the global leaders in designing, configuring and supporting organisations who implement what is clearly the worlds leading PPM tool, OPPM. The diagram below is the typical business process we see and are asked to provide a solution to. If you process is similar you should feel comfortable in using OPPM, if its different, then OPPM’s powerfull configurability and API’s means we can design a solution no matter what your process looks ;like


Portfolio Management Propose Choose & Control


Many different types of portfolios can be managed by a software solution like OPPM from Oracle. The process is nearly always the same, however the data collected will vary and the calculations as will the reports and outputs. Within a flexible tool like OPPM this is not an issue, in some clients use OPPM to manage their portfolios of Investments and IT Projects all within the same instance. Sharing data between the two implementations is a significant advantage. HPS has recently implemented Investment Portfolio Management alongside Application Portfolio Management for an Oil company and for an infrastructure provider we have implemented Strategic Investment Management alongside IT Project Portfolio Management. SO if you have an existing investment with Oracle OPPM, talk to HPS to use it to manage some of these portfolio management types.


Types of Portfolio Management