Technical Services

Hyde Park Solutions provides a range of technical services that ensure your investment in Oracle software will be stable, performant and secure.

Our team of specialised and certified Oracle Technical Consultants have years of experience and expertise that give our customers peace of mind when they install, implement, upgrade or integrate an Oracle Primavera application.

It doesn’t matter to us if your application is on-premise, external hosted, Azure or in the Oracle Cloud, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you and your IT department.

Our customers refer to our technical expertise as “Technical Brilliance” come find out why.

technical services

HPS understand that if you get the environment built correctly and to specifications, you are unlikely to have serious performance issues. So as simple as it seems, we make sure that for on-premise solutions your IT organisation provides the machines we specify, as we find they often don’t.

We also make sure on a regular basis (if you have HPS Support) that they have not reconfigured them to a lesser specification either.

We work with your IT organisation to ensure all security updates and patches are in place to make sure that once your users start working, their data is secure and protected. Typically our customers require Development, Test, Production and Disaster Recovery environments be created.

We build and ensure environmental compliance for all Oracle Primavera tools including:

  • EPPM – P6 Enterprise PPM
  • PPM – P6 Professional
  • Unifier – Project Controls
  • OPPM – Portfolio Management
  • PRA – Risk Analysis
  • Primavera Cloud – Prime
  • Aconex

Once your Oracle Primavera environment is correctly setup we will install the Oracle software.

Whether its a single server, or scaled out solution HPS will ensure the software is installed according to Oracle best practice. We will also adjust and optimise your solution to meet the specific demands of your organisation’s defined use.

Once installed, we will provide you with a bespoke document that explains how we have installed your software which is now ready for our technical experts to implement the solution across all environments (Development, Test and Production) and our configuration specialists to start configuration work.

Initial implementation will usually be the Oracle default unless you have bought one of the Hyde Park Solutions FastTrack configurations.

We will also adjust and optimise your solution to meet the specific demands of your organisation’s defined use. We are able to optimise your Oracle solution implementation because of our technical brilliance gained of many years of experience with Oracle Primavera software.

After initial implementation, regular configuration drops of functionality are scheduled across the environments. Each drop in each environment is documented and managed in our application support system. Bugs and non- conformance with business process are raised and managed to conclusion in our ITIL compliant tool within our overall ISO9001 and ISO27001 standard processes.

Every enterprise solution will require an integration, whether it’s for Cost (budget, actual or forecasts), Approvals management, Scope or contract changes, User maintenance and management (Active Directory or SSL) Payments (Submittals and payment applications) the only thing that varies is the complexity. Hyde Park Solutions perform integrations on nearly a weekly basis for customers using Oracle Primavera.

If you are looking to integrate any of the Oracle Primavera applications you should be talking to the integration experts – Hyde Park Solutions. We provide a low risk option that can guarantee an on-time delivery, come and ask our customers!

The HPS Team are so experienced, other System Integrator’s (SI’s) turn to us for support and advice when they have a technical support issue they cannot resolve.


Because HPS are technically brilliant! Our technical forensics team have helped many customers, systems integrators and even Oracle resolve difficult technical issues.

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HPS has more specialisations and certifications than any other Oracle Primavera partner