PPM Maturity Assessment

Hyde Park Solutions’ unique Maturity Assessment provides the framework for collecting individual responses from a range of participants involved in Project Portfolio Management within an organisation. The Maturity Assessment asks participants 11 simple questions about the organisation’s people, processes and technology. HPS can then provide a report detailing the organisation’s current maturity level based on the participant responses. But why is this important?

It’s important because before an organisation decides on where it wants to go, it must first understand its current maturity. Building a strategy without a thorough understanding of the organisation’s maturity will almost certainly end in failure. Perhaps, this is why many organisations fail on their first attempt to implement Project Portfolio Management successfully.

Based on our market analysis and experience, it is not uncommon for organisations to fail in their implementation of Project Portfolio Management, at least on their first attempt. This is a significant challenge for all parties in a PPM transformation project – for the consultant, as the client’s project team may have their vision clouded by past failures and so are less confident in making those decisions that could make a significant difference between moderate success and transformational change. For the customer, having failed to recover the investment on past PPM projects will make them more cautious and will typically have their allocated budget by the board reduced. This is hardly the ideal environment from which to embark on a PPM project, especially out of choice, however, many organisations do choose the Big Bang approach.

As PPM implementation consultants we are often asked to share our experiences of either a Big Bang or Phased Approach implementation. However before we can answer this, we need to gather and analyse information about the scope of a project, the current maturity level of the people, processes and technology. The Maturity Assessment provides a robust framework to gather and analyse this information. For those organisations who have moderate maturity level, it is possible to successfully opt for the Big Bang approach, however for low maturity organisations we would not recommend anything but the Phase Approach as the disruption to business as usual and training requirement are not to be underestimated.

With good current maturity data, we are able to scope out a phased project that builds on organisational strengths and supports organisational weaknesses thereby ensuring your PPM transformation project is a success. The initial Maturity Assessment output is used to build a roadmap. This roadmap can then be communicated to the organisation, with subsequent maturity assessments taken at each phase of the implementation ensuring progress is as planned.

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