QEI Management Reporting

Originally created 20 years ago as a graphical add-on to Artemis and in development ever since, QEI Management Reporting is a modular software product designed for organisations managing complex projects. Common problems facing such organisations include accurate communication of performance to management or stakeholders, identification of opportunities for process improvement, and matching resources to demand.

Unlike traditional project or maintenance management systems based primarily on Gantt charts, QEI Management Reporting uses CAD technology and a high performance database to allow you to visualise key planning data as simple pictures, perform “what if” modelling on information extracted from operational systems, and automate the production of business-specific management charts.

  • Import data from Primavera P6 PPM and EPPM, Microsoft Project and many other systems
  • Generate standard project reports with complete freedom to display what you want, how you want
  • Create custom business- or industry-specific charts from your project data
  • Embellish reports with annotation, graphics and images
  • Combine multiple charts and graphics into a single report

Below are some images of HPS’s QEI tool.

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