HPS Backup Solution for Oracle Primavera P6 (Cloud)

Product Overview:

Oracle’s Primavera P6 SaaS environments are continuously replicated so your P6 environment and data will always be available, safeguarding your organisation from unforeseen loss events. Oracle can restore your entire environment to a point in time within a 60-day period. However, Oracle cannot restore a single project if it were accidently deleted.

HPS’s Cloud Backup Service provides a significantly more granular level of backup, enabling users and administrators to flag a project for backup, define and manage its storage, retention, compression & encryption and finally it’s restoration.

Misconception about Oracle’s P6 in the Cloud:

A common misconception regarding any cloud services is that the vendor manages both the security of your data and its constant availability. In reality, the details are more nuanced. Oracle guarantees the physical protection of your data and its automatic replication to ensure availability.

As users we don’t expect the service to be available all the time, as we understand security patches and software updates are necessary, however we do expect our data is backed up in case of environment failure. Oracle provides this guarantee, so why do you need HPS backup solution.

Oracle ensure the environment is always available, but it does not protect individual projects from being deleted by users. HPS’s back protects
you from this risk.

Why Back Up Oracle Primavera P6?:
  • Prevent data loss. HPS’s data backup will protect you from accidental and malicious deletion of your project data. Project data can be accidentally deleted by employees, or others who gain access to your account. Without HPS’s backup in place, such data would be permanently lost.
  • Limited native recovery and retention. A full-on backup suite will allow you to back up and recover your data according to your own schedule. By contrast, Microsoft’s own recovery solution won’t allow you point in-time recovery of items.
  • Limited regulatory compliance. A lot of businesses that work with personal data have to meet strict compliances, such as HIPAA or GDPR, to name but a few examples. These regulations force you to manage users’ data with extreme care, to archive it for certain periods, and to delete it on request.
  • Access to data in the event of service outages. Although they are a rare issue, data outages still happen with Oracle services. A proper backup solution will allow you to at least access the data that you need in the event of an unforeseen issue with the service.
Reliable Primavera Backups with HPS Managed Backup

With HPS Backup, you can create custom retention policies to meet any regulatory compliance you need. A data retention policy appears as a part of an overall data management and plays a significant role, since the definition of the terms of keeping a company’s data is crucial. Data retention for longer periods than required results in unnecessary storage usage and increases storage costs.

With HPS Managed Backup, you can create retention policies for all data. You can either delete all objects that were modified or created before a specified date, or specify a number of versions for objects you want to keep in backup storage.

To fully protect your data, you can grant users limited permissions or remove them completely. The other great feature is granular recovery; you can recover single plans. This makes data recovery after an accidental data deletion a much less difficult process


When it comes to Oracle Cloud Primavera P6 backups, you don’t need to compromise on efficiency or speed in order to gain the peace of mind and flexibility that is HPS’s backup service.

HPS managed backup is flexible and provides you with enhanced Oracle P6 data protection.

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