NEC Contracts

Hyde Park Solutions understands that ensuring adherence to the deadlines and specifications of a NEC contract can be administratively difficult and time-consuming.

With greater control, visibility, and contract management functionality than ever before, the new HPS NEC Solution within Oracle Unifier is an innovative, quickly deployable, and out-of-the-box solution that enables Owner/Operators and Contractors to easily and compliantly manage their contracts within the NEC framework.

Hyde Park Solutions Unifier team developed our NEC Contracts solution under the watchful eye of Alister Brand-Williamson, HPS Chief Professional Services Officer and NEC contracts guru.

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NEC Solution Overview

Our NEC solution is only one of a number of solutions created by HPS in partnership with Oracle and our clients to enable them to solve real business problems using the power and scalability of Primavera Unifier.

The solution delivers one single source of truth with live data that your procurement and contract teams can rely on to be up to date, accurate, and requiring minimal double handling of data.

It includes better more advanced reporting that keeps your team in control of cost, contract and schedule in one location. Changes to contract and cost are all recorded, managed and reported. With high levels of contract visibility, risks may be quickly identified, mitigated or removed. Costs are managed in the powerful Unifier Cost Sheet as shown below.

With automated due-date tracking and reminders, an NEC compliant audit record of all modifications and communications.

In short , you can be sure you never again miss a deadline and remain compliant using the NEC solutions as shown below.

NEC Key Features

  • Single Version of the Truth – View, manage and update Contracts
  • Portfolio, Programme and individual Project views
  • Out of the Box suite of dashboards – with ability to configure to your specific requirements
  • Native integration with P6
  • Single place to manage Contract, Cost and Schedule

NEC Benefits

  • Ensure compliance with NEC contracts including variations
  • Minimise administration burden while ensuing compliance
  • Provides high level of visibility across the portfolio & programme
  • Enables thorough Risk Management practices

NEC contract timeframes must be followed, and this is where the “Outstanding Task” functionality comes into its own. Users can rapidly prioritise activities across one (project) or all (programme or portfolios) by viewing and executing all of their pending, upcoming, and due tasks.

Regardless of the level you are managing your contracts at a it is simple to store and monitor information with pre-configured NEC-compliant contract forms. A fully configurable project dashboard, and a Mobile App for when you are in the field.

With graphical representation of the core contract metrics, the Contract Dashboard (above) provides a quick snapshot of all the crucial contract summary data, including contract price and dates.

All contract communication pro-formas are automatically work-flowed to the appropriate parties and come pre-configured with the correct fields and “Times to Respond.” The HPS NEC solution has advanced communication tracking functionality that enables customers to create a “spider” diagram shown below.

This shows a visual audit trail that demonstrates the interconnections between all contract conversations. This makes it possible for users to identify the relationships between a series of contract modification events rapidly. This feature is especially helpful in adjudication events as it automates an otherwise labor-intensive administrative burden.

Many of our customers use Oracle’s Primavera P6 alongside the HPS’s NEC Unifier configuration. To facilitate seamless integration we use Oracle Primavera’s free Gateway product to efficiently and effectively exchange data.

Gateway integration with Oracle Primavera P6, HPS’s NEC configuration also facilitate the measurement of Earned Value.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the HPS’s NEC solution could help your organisation better manage NEC contracts please get in touch and we will be happy to show you our solution.


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