Primavera P6 EPPM

Primavera P6 – Enterprise Project Portfolio Management or EPPM is a project management software application. Oracle Primavera P6 provides role-based functionality for managing project planning, project scheduling, and project resource management. Because P6 is built on a robust architecture and is designed to deliver enterprise flexibility through integration, reporting and analytics.

Because it provides users and management with a simple dashboard view of the organisation’s projects. So by providing visibility, project status, progress and performance, resource demand and constraints, in a simple and reliable manner.

Project Management, Resource Management

So if your considering purchasing a project management tool – P6 Project Management should be on your short list. P6 Project Management, combines project planning, scheduling and resource management within the one tool.

Because of this you are better able to see exactly what is happening with your project. Tools like Microsoft Project are not as flexible as P6 as its resource management functionality is poor.

What is the cost of Primavera P6?

So, if your interested in using the world leading software tool for managing your infrastructure project, call Hyde Park Solutions (HPS) today. Contact HPS sales team to find out, we will provide the best primavera p6 price!

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Anytime, Anywhere Access

P6 EPPM is available through the Web, professional desktop (like PPM), and on the mobile for your remote workforce. So updating progress and status can be performed on anyone of these platforms:

  • P6 Team Member for iOS
  • Team Member for Android
  • Team Member Web (tablet optimised)
  • P6 Team Member provides uses with activities assigned to them on their device of choice

And in addition to the above, there are and simple forms to allow entry of role-specific information.

Primavera P6 – EPPM & Integration

Oracle Primavera P6 – EPPM provides multiple ways to integrate, load and transfer data between your enterprise applications. So by using either Primavera Gateway, Primavera Web Services or the Primavera P6 Application Programming Interface (API) data transfer is simpler.

Primavera P6 - EPPM
Primavera P6 EPPM Gantt Chart and Resource loading view

Project Management Software and Training by Hyde Park Solutions

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So you want more information, then contact your Hyde Park Solutions Oracle Product specialist or click on the link to  visit Oracle’s product page

Click Play on the video below to watch a short video about Primavera P6 Planning and Scheduling.

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