Construction Collaboration with Aconex

Construction projects delivering infrastructure, buildings or other capability involve different disciplines, different stakeholders, a wide and varied supply chain. So managing the construction collaboration between each and everyone of these is vital if we are to deliver on time, to budget and quality.

Below we look at how construction collaboration with Aconex can deliver significant benefits while ensuring on time on cost on quality projects.

For more information about setting up construction collaboration with Aconex check out our oracle software page on Oracle Aconex.

A Neutral Platform for Construction Collaboration

  • Each organization controls their data, and sharing information
  • Secure, private workspaces for each organization
  • An unalterable audit trail drives fewer disputes and faster resolution
  • Increased trust and adoption provide more data and insights to improve performance
  • Reduced risk and administration for all project organizations

The Difference – Construction Collaboration with Aconex

  • A trusted platform and audit trail drives adoption, visibility, and less disputes
  • Connected processes and data drive performance, insights, and control
  • Construction management software like Aconex that’s fast to deploy, easy to configure, and up and running in days
  • Set up flexible processes based on how you work, and change as you grow
  • Secure and compliant, meeting the highest international security standards

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Our Construction Collaboration Solution

Construction collaboration is the bringing together of geographically dispersed project team members enabling them to securely share project-related information to plan, design, construct and in some cases maintain the built asset.

With siloed solutions it is impossible to control all project information, ending up with a project looking like this.

Not Construction Collaboration
Not how you want to run a Construction Project

Silos a Construction Nightmare

  • Duplicate stores of information
  • Manual data entry / registering documents
  • Outdated documents
  • No single source of truth
  • No audit trail

It may seem manageable in the early stages of a project when there are only a few participants…

But there is a significant increase in participants as well as information created and exchanged as the project progresses from early stage feasibility to design and then to execution.

When looking at an entire program or portfolio of work the challenges and risks presented are massive.

Solve these issue with Oracle Aconex

By using Aconex as a construction collaboration solution, the VALUE and benefits received are across the board, typically include:

  • major improvements in time & cost reductions
  • Faster decisions and drastically improved overall operational efficiency
  • Standardized procedures
  • Better tracking and visibility of critical project data
  • Better compliance
  • Reduced IT costs and overheads
  • Better access to data in the field using mobile devices, and mobile devices for field based snagging and checklist management
  • More efficient handover to the client, allowing you to get final payments and move off the jobs
  • Improved competitive advantage in the market – something that is KEY right now

BUT – PERHAPS EVEN MOST IMPORTANTLY (especially in this regional market) – a HUGE improvement in data capture, audit trail, and RISK mitigation and reduction, protecting you from claims and disputes.

Having trained and capable people is key to making any solution work

People are particularly important in delivering a robust construction collaboration solution for your business. They need to be well trained, experienced and be free and able to promote issues in an supportive and collaborative environment.

HPS offer a range of training programmes that support construction processes and not just training in how Aconex as a tool works. Without an understanding of the processes, its benefits and advantages there is little more than an incremental increase in efficiencies.

Our solution is Oracle Aconex, its trusted worldwide with over 16,000 projects implemented in over 70 countries.

Aconex is the one single Could platform connecting all project participants project-wide, 24/7, from any device (including phones and tablets), anywhere in the world.

We can also integrate to your existing systems through a robust set of APIs.

It’s all about managing all of the information and processes for the world’s largest construction and engineering projects, with end to end support across the full project lifecycle.

Plan, Bid, Design, Construct, Operate
Construction Collaboration with Aconex
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