Our Solution

This section talks about our approach to designing, implementing and supporting portfolio, programme and project management solutions. We look at Process, Technology and People. Contact us if you have a different requirement as we have had 100’s of successful engagements, far too many to describe here.

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Project Controls

Project Controls is about managing every aspect of the project, from bid, contract, cost, change, project management, documentation and risk. Its just a buzz word in the PPM space, which if you are performing portfolio, programme and project management well, you are probably doing the same as what the industry calls Project Controls.

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is a sure fire way of delivering strategic change in your organisation, all the analysts say this. HPS has been helping organisations for more than 10 years deliver on their strategic objectives. We can do the same for you, so see how we do that with our Portfolio Management solution using Process, Technology and People

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Benefit Realisation Management

Why do we do Projects? Why do we manage our investments and projects in a portfolio? We carefully manage the selection of investment projects as these deliver benefit, they deliver capability, new infrastructure or building, new IT systems – all of which benefit your organisation. If we manage the project the benefit should drop out the bottom, but it’s not guaranteed.

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Project & Programme Management

Project Management is all about managing Process, Technology & People to deliver an outcome whether it be building roads or a new IT system. Project Management concepts are simple; plan, schedule, resource & cost control.  Our solution for project management is simple, don’t complicate your solution!

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Construction Collaboration

Construction projects delivering infrastructure, buildings or other capability involve different disciplines, different stakeholders, a wide and varied supply chain… so managing the communication between each and everyone of these is vital if we are to deliver on time, to budget and quality.

Building Information Modelling(BIM)

Building Information Management or BIM is in its most simplistic terms a collaborative platform from within which a group can manage a buildings information through the use of a digital model. The model holds all the information needed for the design, construction, and maintenance throughout the buildings life cycle. We look at Process, People and Technology

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Facilities Management

Facilities Management is responsible for making sure that all aspects of a facility is managed and works in a collaborative and harmonious manner ensuring the that facility is kept alive and working at an optimal level. If you have a BIM model of your facility this makes managing the Process, Technology and People easier. If your thinking about Facilities Management, whether that be starting the design/build or managing it

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“Simplified Complexity – it’s what we do” – Andrew Ross CEO HPS