management team

  • Alister Brand-Williamson

    Chief Professional Services Officer

    Alister leads the HPS Aconex team from a Subject Matter and Technical perspective. A senior consultant with years of experience delivering C&E solutions using...

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  • Andrew Ross

    Chief Executive Officer

    Andrew is a successful management consultant and technologist with 25-years experience in and around Investment management.

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  • Tina Bugg

    Chief Services Officer

    Tina is an experienced technical professional with an extensive background in Project Management, Data Management and IT Support Services.

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  • Ankit Mishra

    Country Manager

    Ankit has more than 9 years’ experience with all products of Primavera family.

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  • Carol Mitchell

    Chief Finance Officer

    Carol has increased the company's financial resilience while allowing long-term strategic growth and acquisition plans to be completed successfully.

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  • Richard Jebb

    Chief Technology Officer

    Richard has more than 20 years’ experience with all versions of Oracles Primavera’s Project Management products since P3.

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