Unifier FastTrack

If you are looking for a Primavera Unifier implementation for under USD 60,000 or GBP 50,000 then the HPS Unifier FastTrack is a good option.

Unifier FastTrack is a Unifier Accelerator Kit, designed to deploy a fully-functional project controls solution. Developed by former Oracle and Skire personnel, FastTrack boosts standard Unifier functionality with essential objects, reports, and dashboards. Because we tailor this enhanced library to meet your specific requirements and roadmap. Like collaborative testing and custom training, and you have a ready-to-use Unifier cost, contracts, and communications system.

Included Functionality:
  • Cost Management and Reporting
    • Budgets, Costs, Forecasts
    • Includes 12 popular Unifier FastTrack cost reports (in BI Publisher)
  • Contracts and Changes
    • Commitments, POs, Payments, Change Management
    • Procurements Support, Asset Information, Contract Deliverables
  • Collaboration
    • Structured communications and document control
    • Transmittals, Submittals, RFIs, etc.
Included Services:
  • Enablement
    • Pre-Project training and preparation
  • Design
    • Combines strategic and detailed design of a tailored solution
  • Delivery
    • Transparent solution development and review
  • Test and Train
    • Collaborative testing and core team training

Contact the Hyde Park Team for more information 

See below for a couple of screen shots of the HPS FastTrack

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