Integration Cloud Services

Using  “best of breed” solutions, while they might be individually great at what they do, they typically don’t talk to other of your enterprise applications. That’s a big problem if your trying to create a common data environment within your enterprise. The Integration Cloud Service from HPS resolves this and enables reporting across the enterprise. Check out our reporting cloud service

A SaaS solution for your organisations data integration issues
  • from £500 per month based on 10,000 transactions (millions of data lines)
  • integrations in under a week where we have connectors
  • new connectors are provided free based on a minimum spend of £1000 per month for the ICS Service

The Integration Cloud Service (ICS) from Hyde Park Solutions has out of the box connectors to all Oracle Primavera Solutions. It also has out of the box connectors to a range of other applications most commonly found in Owner and prime contractor environments, such as SAP or Oracle E-Business, Maximo, Bentley and Tririga.

High Availability High Volume

We collect the data from these applications, populate the ICS Data Lake and can then share the data with any other applications. This highly available, high volume data integration service resides in the cloud, so there is no need for your IT department to be involved, which reduces the total cost of ownership.

“The ICS is used in high volume situations like San Francisco airport so it will easily cope with your data loads?”

reporting services

The way ICS works is very simple.
  • A central HPS Integration Cloud Service is configured to connect to your enterprise applications. Under some circumstances this can be an on-premise solution. 24/7/365 support is included in the ICS.
  • The ICS contains a set of pre-built connectors that are maintained, upgraded as new Primavera versions are released. These connectors automatically connect to your application instance.
  • We then need to define the integration data required, using a standardised form. For common data requests the integration code is already built. No custom development required.
  • Establish a time-period for running the integration.
  • Data collected, created can be shared across your other application landscape.

Because of the way the ICS has been built and how it works we can deliver integrations in a week providing a platform:

  • that reduces costs of connecting applications
  • that shares common data across your application environment
  • that ensures high availability
  • affords minimal support costs

If you have an Oracle Primavera solution we have the connectors to speed up your integrations.

We provide connectors to:

  • Unifier
  • EPPM & PM P6
  • OPC – Oracle Primavera Cloud or Prime as it was know
    • Schedule, Risk and Portfolio (including Idea)
  • Aconex (including Connected Cost)
  • OPPM
  • PRA – Primavera Risk Analysis

We realise that organisations don’t just use Oracle Primavera solutions and so we have built connectors to other key applications, including:

  • Tririga
  • Maximo
  • SAP
  • Oracle E-Business
  • Arc GIS
  • Tableau

The ICS is a single platform for Data

  • Integrations
  • Conversions
  • Migrations
  • Reporting
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