Reporting Services

It’s great you have a new PPM solution but does it deliver the decision making capability your wanted – we find many don’t deliver what you expected or what you need to make those hard business decisions.

The answer is to engage with the HPS expert reporting team. Our Oracle Primavera team are experts in Oracle BI Publisher and Oracle Primavera Analytics. We identify where data is required, define and reconfigure your application to capture/create the data required so a report can be built.

Writing advanced SQL queries are a day to day task for the HPS advanced reporting team. So, if you have a shortfall in decision-making reports you should be speaking to HPS.

“Does your PPM solution provide the information you require for decision making?”

reporting services

If you have an Oracle Primavera solution and are finding it difficult getting useful reports for decision making and management then HPS is the answer.

We provide BI Publisher report writing services across the top of:

  • Unifier – we have experience in delivering advanced decision making reports for organisations using Unifier.
  • EPPM P6 – we have excellent skills in delivering bespoke reports across your EPPM environment.
  • OPPM – we have started to look at using BI Publisher across OPPM recently as we have used Power BI and other reporting tools in the past.

The reporting team are in the process of delivering Primavera Analytics reports to one of our customers who use Unifier extensively.

This has required additional BP’s (business processes) be written as the Unifier database does not store data we required in Primavera Analytics to be able to write the “data over time” reports desired.

If your organisation is using Power BI for its reporting tool, then you will need our help in setting up the SQL to extract the data from your Oracle Primavera applications.

Once that is done you will almost certainly need help in understanding where the data you require is in Oracle as this is not always that simple.

We have experience in MS Power BI reporting, across:

  • EPPM
  • OPPM
  • Unifier
Can we help you?

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HPS has more specialisations and certifications than any other Oracle Primavera partner