At HPS we pride ourselves in offering careers and recruiting individuals who believe in delivering excellence, have a can do attitude and put the customer first in everything they do.

We hire people who drive customer value while nurturing others in the HPS family so we all can be creative. We have a no blame culture within a stress free environment that enables all the team to think and act clearly and creatively to solve customer problems.

When you work for HPS, you will either work as one of our business focused management consultants or a technical consultant. Either way you will understand Portfolio, Programme, Project Management or Project Controls and the challenges and issues our customers face on a day to day basis.

You will provide our customers with industry best practice business or technical advice. You will resolve customer issues in an innovative and creative manner, making the complex look simple.

We are efficiency driven professionals who focus on the delivering and supporting our customers endgame.

HPS focuses on all industries and sectors. Our staff will have domain expertise in Portfolio Management, Programme Management, Project Management, Project Cost Control, Risk Management and Benefits Realisation.

You may have expertise and experience in either the business side as a subject matter expert or on the technical side as someone who is technically brilliant.

Think you have what it takes?

Like all quality employers we have a thorough recruitment process. That does not mean it takes ages to complete, that is just not the way we work. Typically from the day you apply to the day we complete the process it will be no longer than 2 weeks.

If we feel you’re not right for us we will tell you quickly. When we see potential in someone we recruit them quickly, we ensure they get into an environment that realises their potential.

When you join us you will quickly see we work hard and play hard. careers

benefits and rewards

Our DNA is all about being creative, flexible and innovative so it will no surprise you that our benefits and rewards for employee are similar.

Regular project and annual performance reviews and adhoc rewards all aim to motivate and encourage creative and innovative customer work in line with your personal objectives.

Your remuneration will reflect your value to our customers, your bonuses will reflect your contribution to our customers business and HPS’s profitability.

HPS is an organisation focused on delivering customers high quality product, your performance remuneration and bonuses will increase as your customer quality increases.

We are all in this together, Employee, Customer and Company.

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