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Utilising portfolio and project management principles and tools will, according to industry analysts, help reduce some of the estimated 30% wasted investment. If your solution includes Oracle Primavera then you should be talking to us!

Hyde Park Solutions (HPS) are subject matter experts in portfolio, programme and project management (P3M) and have a broad sector and deep subject matter expertise and experience helping organisations implement, develop and support P3M solutions.

HPS’s professional consulting teams offer a practical, no-nonsense approach, enabling you to optimize today’s portfolio of investments, ensuring they are strategically aligned and deliver your project on-time, to budget, with a high level of quality.

We design, configure and support a solution that underlines your portfolio, project, benefits, risk, project controls and documentation governance processes. It will be simple and fit for purpose.

If your solution includes any of the Oracle Primavera tools, we should be on your supplier list.

Hyde Park Solutions have more certified and specialised primavera consultants across all the Oracle Primavera products than any other Oracle partner – we can help you?

professional consulting services

HPS will work with your business and IT organisations, to architect and design a solution that will meet both current and future needs be those in the cloud or on-premise.

Project portfolio management solutions need to talk to other enterprise applications, our design will include these integrations.

Because we are the experts in all Oracle PPM solutions we are best placed to advise you when you design your Oracle solution.

Hyde Park Solutions has a team of Oracle certified and specialised experts with the experience and understanding of how to configure Aconex Project Cost and Collaboration , Primavera Cloud (previously called Prime), Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM), Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Unifier Project Contract & Cost Control, Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management (OPPM), PRA (Primavera Risk Analysis).

Whether it’s in the Cloud or On-Premise HPS can configure any of the Oracle Primavera suites of software products to meet your Portfolio, Programme, Project, Project Controls, Risk Management, Cost and Contract Management as well as your Project Collaboration solution.

We will deliver a solution that supports organisational cost and contract business processes, governance and investment approval workflows, in a secure and robust way.

We will then assist you in populating your new solution with clean and reliable data.

We use a combined Waterfall and Agile approach to delivering successful portfolio management, programme management, project management and project controls solutions.

It is critical to first of all define the strategic capability outcome that you want, and then break this down into drops of functionality or phases. Each phase is made up of workstreams (financial, risk and prioritisation models, planning & scheduling, submittials, change and contract variations and so on) which are then run using Agile methods.

We find prototyping key in both defining the strategic solution with sponsors and executive and in gaining approval from business teams in a collaborative workshop environment at the functional level.

We have found this approach delivers a solution that more quickly meets the organisations requirements, while ensuring the architecture can over the long term deliver the end game strategic.

Can we help you?

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HPS has more specialisations and certifications than any other Oracle Primavera partner