Restaurant & Food Service

Hyde Park Solutions, is as our name suggests a provider of solutions for industry based on the Oracle Primavera suite of software. Our Restaurant & Food Service Solution is no different and uses the Oracle Aconex & P6 software at its core to:

  • manage the end to end processes around construction
  • provide a secure platform for stakeholders to share documents throughout the projects entire life from design to commissioning
  • enabling multiple equipment, refurbishments and new locations to be rolled out simultaneously.

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Our Restaurant & Food Service Solution

Processes are at the core of most systems, but within Restaurant & Food Service these processes are critical in this fast moving sector. Sharing data in a secure and collaborative way that supports this fast moving sector.

Speed, Flexibility and Time to Market

are is all important when it comes to this sector, whether its

  • getting a new location open on time
  • updating or refurbishing the outlet
  • updating equipment or other facilities

or just managing the volume of store being worked on. One thing is certain you will require a tool that can support the following process:

  • Design Management
    • from design suggestion to selection
    • drawings, documents and specifications need to be consolidated across the global store inventory
  • Build Management
    • managing hundreds of store contractors and subcontractors is key
    • managing the documents, completion certificates and regulatory conformance is challenging
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • application of required certificates on a timely basis reduces revenue loss
    • management of the compliance processes is all about having the certificate and specifications available as soon as the work is completed

People play a key role in all processes, but from our experience the processes involved in the Restaurant & Food Service sector are simple enough but its the collaboration around the documentation  that proves challenging to get right.

Oracle’s Restaurant & Food Service solution is a configuration within the Oracle Aconex and Primavera P6 software.

Together these two Oracle software products will enable you to quickly and securely store all the design drawings and equipment specifications, recall them when required and collaborate with regulatory, contractor and franchisee as and when required.

This solution will integrate with your:

  • ERP solution for cost
  • Project Management solution for resource and activity
  • Asset Management and BIM solution
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