Facilities Management

Hyde Park Solutions, is as our name suggests a provider of solutions for industry based on the Oracle Primavera suite of software. Our Facilities Management Solution is no different and uses the Oracle Primavera Unifier software at its core to:

  • manage the end to end processes around FME
  • enable a holistic approach to facilities management through the entire life of the asset
  • ensure the technology is always up to date and state of the art

Hyde Park Solutions have more certified and specialised primavera consultants across all the Oracle Primavera products than any other Oracle partner – we can help you?

Our Facilities Management Solution

Processes are at the core of most systems, but within facilities management these processes are many and sometimes complex. Data is collected, processed and decisions are made across a number of interrelated and dependent processes including:

  • Maintenance Management
    • preventative maintenance – automated processes
    • automated workflows support standard day to day maintenance activities
    • cost roll-ups support and enable better decision making
  • Facility Condition Assessment 
    • assessment is critical to FM
    • inspection, collection, analysis and reporting condition are key
    • impact of assessment on “work” is collected for annual or periodic planning
  • Space Management 
    • strategic and tactical
    • configurability of solution to enable classification, and organisation to suit your portfolio
    • supports Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) standards for calculation of net lease-able areas
  • Lease Management
    • configurable – lease types, payments terms contacts etc
    • workflows to manage new, change, renewals and terminations
  • Transaction Management 
    • end to end asset lifecyle managed
    • acquisition, dispositions, new, sub, terminations all captured for regulatory purposes
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management 
    • one to a thousand
    • single or multiple tenant

People play a key role in all processes, but from our experience the processes in and around facilities management are some of the most challenging for people to get right.

Understanding the organisations maturity is key to designing and solution that will enable the organisation to deliver a working FMRE solution. HPS would recommend all FM participants to undertake a simple maturity analysis before they implement a FMRE solution. It provides information that will greatly assist in the success of your implementation of FMRE.

Oracle’s FMRE solution is a configuration within its Oracle Primavera Unifier software.

It will integrate your:

  • ERP solution for cost
  • Oracle Project Management solution for resource and activity
  • Asset Management
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