Relative PfM Financial Model

HPS has been working for years configuring OPPM for organisations who require an enterprise portfolio management solution. The cornerstone of a PfM solution is the Relative PfM Financial Model, Capex, Opex and Totex over many periods/years, sometimes as many as 40 years.

The HPS relative financial model enables the organisation to manage the portfolio over the required number of periods. Our standard financial model is 10 years, with the first 3 being monthly buckets and the remainder being annual. The financial model also has 1 prior year bucket which collects all past years data, and 1 future year bucket which collects all data greater than the 7 yearly buckets in our 10 year relative model.

The relative financial model significantly reduces the amount of time the systems administrator needs to re-configure OPPM to take account of the new year. If you don’t have a relative financial model you would have to add the new year to the end of the table, remove the year just past and update the total calculations for previous and future years at a minimum.

The Relative PfM Financial Model requires you to perform an annual roll-over process, for which HPS has developed an automated application running within OPPM, works on the OPPM API’s and will remain upgradable as you upgrade the core Oracle OPPM solution.

Typically, HPS’s Relative Financial Model costs GBP 50,000 and USD 65,000 and comes fully documented and supported by HPS for a 22% annual maintenance and support fee.

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The image below shows a customers implementation using the HPS relative financial model.

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