an integrated approach to work management & access planningUK rail infrastructure organisation

Capital Investment Budget: 49 bn (5 years)

Operations: UK wide

Employees: 37,000

Synopsis:  This organisation is the owner and infrastructure manager of most of the railway network in the UK.

This organisation worked like many others in silos, each having their own tools and processes. In order for it to better manage the interventions on the railway it needed to integrate each of these

  • silio’d business units
  • their separate tools

It was our role

  • to design a solution that used the existing tool
  • to find a solution that was acceptable to all business units & stakeholders alike
  • to combine business processes that would support optimisation of the interventions on the railway both from a possessions and work planning perspective

HPS set about

  • Discovery
    • collecting business unit processes around access & possession planning
    • identifying the variety of workplace tools and software already within the client IT estate
  • High Level Design
    • compiled a straw-man high level solution architecture based on functionality
    • added the existing IT solutions to the straw-man
    • identified short falls in current IT solution functionality
    • identified new IT solutions to complete the end to end solution

The documents produced could be used to run a procurement process to identify a suitable systems integrator to deliver the single solution for integrated access and possession planning and execution.

This organisation had the basis by which it could go to market to procure the systems and services which would deliver its cross business unit integrated approach to access and possession planning.

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