portfolio management uncovers strategic product offering shortfallbritish government department

Revenue: 1.2 bn

Operations: 100 countries

Employees: 5,000

Synopsis: This British institution was created by charter and works in over 100 countries across the globe.

This organisation had a portfolio of products that it was taking to its global marketplace. During the Proof of Concept we discovered something that the organisation had not seen in its Excel based portfolio management solution.

For a period of 3 years it was forecasting to have no products in the marketplace, now that was a problem.  We both had access to the same data, we both understood what portfolio management was, but it wasn’t until we ran a POC that this became evident.

HPS used Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management solution (OPPM) to gather all the data, load this into its product portfolio management solution and started to design some reports, investor maps/bubble charts, dashboards and scorecards.

This quickly revealed the issue this organisation was facing and after we validated the data to assure its accuracy we confirmed with the organisation it truly had a problem.

But we didn’t leave it there, we used the power in OPPM to run a series of scenarios in order to change the product portfolio so that it always had a range of products in the various markets.

A Proof Of Concept had proven the value of OPPM and the process of portfolio management and had averted an embarrassing situation for this government department.

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