HPS supports defence contractor manage and develop its EPPM project environmentMOD sub-contractor

Revenue: 54 bn

Operations: global aerospace & defence

Employees: 105,000

Synopsis:  This client is a american global aerospace, defence, security and advanced technologies company with world wide interests.

This client was an existing Oracle Primavera customer but was serviced by another partner before HPS was invited to support their Oracle project and resource management tools. HPS were invited in because

  • the existing supplier had poor support processes
  • the existing supplier failed to meet the formal security and quality standards required
  • the existing supplier did not have the required level of technical ability to deal with the complex issues
  • the existing supplier did not have evidence of their integration capability

HPS provided this client with

  • an ITIL based support contract with defined SLA’s and a excellent measurable support processes
  • Evidence of
    • Cyber Essentials Plus
    • working toward ISO 9001
    • working toward ISO 27001
  • the required level of technical ability to deal with the complex issues as they arose – including upgrading WebLogic
  • evidence from other customers of their integration capability

This client has a strategic partner moving forward as it seeks

  • to develop its Primavera Project Management practice
  • roll out across the wider organisation globally
  • integrate ERP solutions for better real time management information for decision making
  • to secure the EPPM environment within an HPS support wrapper

This client is also looking at

  • HPS and Oracle hosted EPPM solution
  • HPS training services
  • widening the HPS support service
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