OPPM supports manufacturer in managing its global IT initiativesInternational luxury automotive manufacturer

Revenue: 25.8 bn

Operations: distributes product globally

Employees: 43,000

Synopsis: This automotive manufacturer is the holding company for two iconic British motor vehicles. It is known for it innovation and engineering expertise globally.

This client wanted to understand the current maturity of its organisation’s staff before embarked on a significant change program. It identified two departments which were felt to be representative of the best and most challenged groups within the organisation.

It was unsure on how to go about this until they had a conversation with HPS.

The HPS team was responsible for the initial design of the maturity assessment, providing management with the collection and execution process.

HPS surveyed some 50 staff within the two business units, and compiled the results for management.

The report produced showed that although there were on average a gap in maturity between the two departments, both had staff at either end of the maturity spectrum.

Like most organisations this one understood that there are nearly always pockets of expertise across business units. The trick is to harness these and get them to help raise the business unit average.

This automotive manufacturer now had the facts that it could use to design a change programme that was going to find resonance with its staff.

The head of portfolio management at this organisation commented

“While we had a pretty good idea where we stood in terms of organisational maturity, the HPS maturity assessment provided us the facts and more insight from which we could embark on our change programme.”

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