OPPM supports manufacturer in managing its global IT initiativeslarge International confectionery manufacturer

Revenue: 7.5 bn

Operations: distributes to 60 countries

Employees: 15,000

Synopsis: This company is an American company and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world. It also manufactures baked products, such as cookies, cakes, milk shakes, drinks and many more.

This client wanted a single view of its IT investments globally in order to optimise business support from IT. It needed to integrate with its:

  • ERP solution for actual financial data
  • ERP from OPPM for budget and plan data

They required regular uploads from two different finance systems, one daily and the other monthly to manage their portfolio of IT investments.

This client selected HPS to implement the portfolio management solution and then to build the interfaces using our portfolio data utility (PDU).

Our team was responsible for the initial implementation of Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management (OPPM) and during one of several subsequent phases we were asked to interface to their two finance systems.

A daily scheduled task was established to collect each of the two files placed in the interface directory on the Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management server by an extract routine provided by Finance.

Once collected, each file was processed in turn by Hyde Park Solutions’ Portfolios Data Utility (PDU), undertaking a series of data validations, before executing the transformations and the load into the Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management via the API.

This was HPS’s first multiple system interface using PDU, the key to which was the selection of the correct file configuration definition XML to correctly process the unique datasets provided.

A previously skeptical client Service Management Manager welcomed the Hyde Park Solutions team’s PDU deployment saying it was:

“A single robust way of managing multiple data integrations to the OPPM tool.”

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