OPPM provides visibility after data integratedlarge US based international retail group

Revenue: 13 bn

Operations: 900 locations

Employees: 250,000

Synopsis:  This organisation is an US based supermarket chain that has outlets globally.

This organisation required regular uploads from multiple finance systems, one on a daily basis for real time project management and the other monthly to manage their long term strategic portfolio of investments.

Existing systems did not enable this:

  • Project Management systems only reported on a single project not a programme or the entire work
  • Financial Budgeting Systems only maintain budgets and not actuals, or alternative investments
  • ERP systems only had historical data and did not have alternative investment options

It was concluded that the portfolio management solution would be the best place to summarise all financial data around the portfolio, including alternative initiatives as well as those in-flight investments.

HPS reconfigured OPPM to be populated

  • by multiple data sources from ERP, Project Management and budgeting and planning solutions
  • using the HPS PDU tool
  • so it was the single source of the truth for all investment information

The HPS team was responsible for configuring

  • a daily scheduled task
  • to collect each of the two files placed in the interface directory on the OPPM server by an extract routine provided by Finance.
  • once collected each file was processed in turn by PDU
    • undertaking a series of data validations
    • executing the transformations
    • loading into OPPM via the API

This was one of the first multiple system interface using the PDU. Our consultants technical brilliance ensured that this client had a single solution where all investment data could be viewed and analyses

The technical challenges overcome were

  • the selection of the correct file configuration definition XML to correctly process the unique data-sets provided
  • a previously skeptical IT management welcomed PDU as a single robust way of managing multiple data integrations to the OPPM tool.
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