Oracle Aconex & P6 helps Restaurant Fast Food chain speed up upgrade programme

Revenue: 21.1 bn

Operations: 37,855 outlets

Employees: 1.900 million

Synopsis: This organisation is an American headquartered fast food company founded in the early 1900’s in California. Initially a family run restaurant, it was later into a franchise. Today it is seen as the leader in Restaurant & Fast Food sector and constantly innovates to keep pace with and setting new trends.

With thousands of outlets globally the challenge is to keep each store looking and functioning like all the others. Managing changes in store design or layout, technology, facilities or menu requires huge manual effort and co-ordination.

Managing this amount and pace of change became extremely complicated and challenging and had to cope with several waves of change at the same time. The absence of a single integrated secure platform within which all stakeholders could share data, deliverables, certificates etc would have made managing this chains changes far easier.

This organisation turned to Oracle Aconex & P6 to help manage the many hundreds of projects and food service initiatives.

Using Oracle Aconex & P6 it was able to provide that secure platform from within which all franchisee’s and owners, contractors, subcontractors and regulatory authorities could

  • manage design coordination
  • liaise while installing new equipment in existing restaurants
  • manage the acquisition and build for new locations

Using Oracle Aconex & P6 solutions to manage

  • large drawings and documents are shared
  • all correspondence tracked via an easy to use interface
  • allows for data to easily be retrieved
  • while providing a single-source of truth
  • ensuring that all stakeholders know exactly what happened when

This organisation now has total control, through using Oracle Aconex & P6 across its portfolio of change, all information in a single place allowing it to continue to innovate and roll out changes to

  • take advantage of new technology
  • keep pace and lead the delivery within the Food Service sector
  • manage multiple programmes at the same time
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