portfolio management provides single source of truthLarge UK Rail Operator

Capital Investment Budget: 49 bn (5 years)

Operations: UK wide

Employees: 37,000

Synopsis:  This organisation is the owner and infrastructure manager of most of the railway network in the UK.

This organisation was very diverse and struggled to get visibility of all its project initiatives.

The process for manually capturing business case data on IT projects from across the organisations business units and support departments was fragmented and laborious.

It was prone to error and data was often incomplete. This made analysis difficult to perform which in turn impacted project prioritisation and selection.

This client suffered

  • from poor data quality
  • a lack of a single repository for all project data
  • the lack of a tool that could manage data through the investment life-cycle

Hyde Park Solutions implemented OPPM with

  • forms to capture initiative data under several tabs
  • a business case form which when completed provided a basis for analysis and reporting
  • a financial model and the correct financial formula for calculations such as IRR, NPV and RONA (which historically had been open to a wide range of interpretations)
  • controls that resulted in projects getting investment approval only if they meet the required standard and financial standards

The organisation had:

  • a single source of the truth for all project investments
  • the same level, structure and format of information (financial and other) to enable standard analysis and comparison
  • correct financial calculations (NPV, RONA and IRR)
  • standardised forms and calculations removed the occurrence of both deliberate and accidental calculation and input errors.
  • categorisation and classification data by drop downs, saw an improvement in data quality and better reporting options
  • automated checks helped identify candidate projects where the investment did not pass the first governance review
  • forms and tabs enabled users to group and structure data in a way that was the same for all business case submissions, thereby removing discussion around presentation rather than content

The solution supported investment portfolio management processes and enhanced and enabled a more efficient and truthful view of the portfolio.

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