using unifier to solve manage end to end global capital management deliverylarge International manufacturer

Revenue: 12 bn

Operations: 10 countries

Employees: 14,600

Synopsis:  This American industrial corporation, is one of the world’s largest producer of aluminium, with corporate headquarters in the US. It has operations in 10 countries, producer of primary aluminium and fabricated aluminium. It is active in all major aspects of the industry: technology, mining, refining, smelting, fabricating, and recycling

This is organisation required an end to end system that managed the full life-cycle “cradle to grave” of its Global Capital Investment programme. It was required to

  • be the Single Version of the Truth “SVOT”
  • replace legacy regional systems
  • deliver to the varied maturity levels
  • integrate to 4 regional ERP solutions
  • reduce duplication of effort and data
  • increase accuracy and accountability of project data
  • be SaaS software model
  • run and be supported 24/7

HPS and its Unifier center of excellence set about delivering the solution. It covered:

  • a bespoke HPS developed solution for Portfolio Capital Planning – instead of OPPM
  • full life-cycle capital planning through asset handover and project close
  • Unifier project controls including
    • Project Cost Sheet & Cash Flow Modules
    • Phase Gates
    • Document Management
  • Unifier Business Processes and custom Excel -based tools to support Capital Delivery functions

We built 115 Unifier business processes including the following for

  • supporting capital allocation
  • project creation
  • solution development
  • project approvals
  • cost management
  • phase gating
  • closeout/handover

This organisation now has

  • a single Global Capital Management Solution for capital project planning through to delivery
  • that Single version of the truth SVOT
  • a COTS product
  • a SaaS environment supported by Oracle
  • a 24/7 support contract provided by HPS
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