FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for Primavera Unifier

Q1. Why can’t I upload CSV Files?

There can be n number of reasons why you are not able to upload/download:

  • First, check whether you have filled the data according to the defined headers as per the business process or the line item. If you put the wrong data in the column it will throw an error after uploading the files.
  • Make sure you have exported the right template from the business process of which you want to create a record.
  • For any kind of integration with any third-party application, we do provide a cloud-based integration solution that has pre-defined connectors for SAP, Oracle E-Business, Maximo, Tririga, etc.

Q2. How to create Custom Dashboards?

As the name suggests in the custom dashboard, we can make it personalized. We have 5 types to create a block:

  • Custom: You need to select data cubes, Report on, and block details here.
  • Standard: In standard, you must select the required field related to the dashboard and your dashboard will be ready with you (i.e. Data type, Report on and block details).
  • Portlet: This is the best way to show the dashboard with the help of other websites.
  • Drill Down: In the drill down, we use data cubes and its element, this a bit specific type since we get a chance to showcase a varied field.
  • Analytics: Here we can use Oracle analytics tool for data representation.

Q3. How to create alerts?

Using alerts, we generally notify the user when a definite condition occurred. To create an alert, first, create a user-defined report with alert type. Define trigger condition and schedule report. Now, go to alert create a new alert with this report, select the frequency for alert, method (I.e. email), and write a message to notify the user.

Q4. Are there any possibilities of uploading CSV files which edit the existing records?

No, you cannot edit the existing record with the CSV upload, but you can still bulk edit the record if you want changes in the existing record.

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