Primavera P6 Advanced PPM Training

At HPS we pride ourselves on having a CIPD qualified trainer with over 20 years of experience. A training environment that is very relaxed and friendly, with inter-active quizzes at the end of each day.   There is also an End-of-Course Summary exercise to consolidate everything that you, the delegates have learned.  It’s not a formal test but more of a summary of what you will have learnt. This Primavera P6 Advanced PPM training course covers P6 PPM and is run over 2 days in London, Manchester, Warwick, Leeds, Bristol, Edinburgh or another location of your choice.

This P6 professional Project Management (PPM) training course costs as little as £775 for the two days including all course material and upon successful completion a Hyde Park Solutions Training Academy Certificate.

Learn To…
  • Create user-defined fields and apply global changes to one or multiple projects
  • Earned value analysis (monitor the health of a project)
  • Use bucket planning for linear and non-linear resource distribution
  • Use resource levelling to resolve resource conflicts
  • Advanced scheduling techniques, includes calculating multiple float paths
  • Different duration types (affects resource calculations)
  • Different percent complete
  • Analyse resource usage (resource usage profiles, stacked histograms, resource usage proifiles)
  • Primavera Visualiser for reporting
Benefits to You…

Understand Primavera P6 Professional’s advanced resource and project management functionality (in the most relaxed and helpful environment) so you can make improved decisions when managing your projects. You’ll learn how to manage resources effectively to maximise investment and use advanced project management techniques to ensure maximum return on investment.

At the end of each day is a fun, interactive, revision quiz where the delegates will be spilt into teams.
At the end of the Primavera P6 Advanced PPM training course, you’ll apply the concepts and functionality you learned in an end-of-course summary exercise, either on your own, or choose to work alongside a colleague.

  • Project Manager
  • End Users
  • Business Analysts
  • Functional Implementer
  • Planners/schedulers
  • Use the Resource Assignments window
  • Analyse resources
  • Bucket planning
  • Level resources
  • Use earned value
  • Analyse resources and roles
  • Calculate percent complete
  • Use advanced scheduling techniques
  • Use time-scaled logic diagrams by using Primavera Visualiser
Using Earned Value Analysis
  • Calculating Planned Value Cost
  • Calculating Actual Cost
  • Calculating Earned Value Cost
  • Measuring Schedule and Performance Percent Complete
  • Estimate to Complete
  • Earned Value Graphs in P6
Managing Multiple Projects
  • Opening Multiple Projects
  • Setting the Default Project
Analysing Resources and Roles
  • Using the Resource Usage Profile for analysing resource hours and costs
  • Using the Resource Usage Spreadsheet
  • S-Distribution Curves
  • Stacked Resource usage profile for multiple resources
  • Activity usage profile (multiple resources)
Manually Allocating Resources
  • Viewing the Assignments Window
  • Viewing and Editing Allocation
Using Bucket Planning
  • Editing Future Buckets of time for linear and non-linear resource distribution
  • Using Resource Curves for linear and non-linear resource distribution
Levelling Resources
  • Setting levelling options
  • Managing resource conflicts or over-distribution
  • Levelling Based on Priority
  • Levelling log record
  • Maintaining results
Advanced Scheduling
  • Multiple Float Paths
  • Calendar Effect on Lag
  • Scheduling Out-of-Sequence Activities
Using Primavera Visualizer
  • Creating a Template
  • Creating Time-scaled Logic Diagrams
  • Customising the Gantt Chart
End of Course Summary Exercise
  • Unlike some other training companies, we provide this exercise and it has been quoted as “The best, and most important part of the course” by delegates.
Required Prerequisites…

Primavera P6 Fundamentals EPPM Training (3 Day)

Suggested Prerequisites…
  • Basic project management knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of P6 Professional
Recommended Related Training Courses…

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In light of COVID-19 Pandamic we have suspended our class room training courses. Please click on link for our online courses offerings

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